Price List

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*Prices subject to change with notice.

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  • $116.00 Kill & Butcher (plus hide)
  • $132.00 Kill only (plus hide)
    • *$220 Flat Fee for any beef exceeding 1,500 lbs. live weight – kill only or Butcher.
  • $1.20 Processing (cut and vacuum wrapping on the hanging weight)
  • $0.65 to make patties third pounders or quarter pounders
  • No charge for hamburger/tenderizing/cube steak

***Please make sure to bring current brand papers when bringing in your beef for processing, we aren’t able to process beef without current brand papers. Thank you!***

picture of black angus steer
Photo Courtesy of USDA


  • $55.00 Kill & Butcher
  • $72.00 Kill only
  • $1.20 Processing (cut and vacuum wrapped)
  • $1.40 Curing and Smoking (Bacon, Shoulder, Loin)
  • Sausage
    • $.85 Bulk Breakfast, Italian and Hot Italian
    • $1.45 Chorizo
    • $2.20 Fresh Link (Brats, Italian, Hot Italian)
    • $2.75 Breakfast Link
    • $4.40 Smoked Link (Kielbassa)
Hog photo courtesy Sophie Mikat on Unsplash

Lamb or Goat

$132.00 Butcher, cut and vacuum wrapped (flat fee)

picture of sheep
Sheep photo courtesy of Ugo Mendes Donelli on Unsplash
Goat photo courtesy Da Kraplak on Unsplash