***Please make sure to bring current brand papers when bringing in your beef for processing, we aren't able to process beef without current brand papers.  Thank you!**

Welcome to the site, we have changed a lot of the forms to keep up with today's demands in custom processing. Our goal is to have easily understood forms and the ability to cut meat in a sustainable and specialized manner that will eliminate waste both here at the plant and in your home.

We maximize the tenderness in your meat through aging techniques which use different temperatures and times, without sprays or rinses that can affect your consumption/allergies and maximize yields.

We run our own smoke house and now have good results in low salt cures using honey, sugar and maple bacon with out injecting and still have consistent products. None of our products contain MSG's and we have the ability to do custom cures regarding  allergies or choices you make.

We are continually working on and improving our site. We are working on developing a login form that is going to contain user data, contact, and cut sheet information. This will allow you to provide less information on forms, as well as allow use to provide specialized content to individual users so that you can edit or reuse previous cut sheets.

We are generally busy throughout the year, and at sometimes may have to schedule up to a month in advance. To allow yourself the ideal time slot for your processing appointments, please contact us to schedule as soon as you are able...