About Us

We have been a family operated business since 1990 when our family of five moved to Simla from the Netherlands.

We specialize in custom cutting, butchering and curing/smoking. Often we will have organic meat available, which is sold by the half or quarter. We sell beef, hogs, and lambs to those who are unable to supply them personally, but still wish to use our services. We also raise and process our own chickens for retail sale. We have a retail counter with select items that we make ourselves as well as a variety of cheeses imported from the Netherlands on display at the local grocery store.

Our company has a contract with a hog farmer who supplies us with 10 hogs per month. These hogs are all natural, and have no steroids or antibiotics. In addition to this, we offer and have had good results with the use of celery powder as a substitute for sodium nitrate. As a result we are able to supply pork products without the use of synthetic sodium nitrates, msg's, and soy.

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