About Us


 We have been a family operated business since 1990 when me and brother and sister and my parents moved to Simla from The Netherlands

We Specialize in custom cutting, butchering and curing/smoking. We also used to rent out freezer lockers, but because of our growing demand we had to go to boxed storage only. We have a small retail counter with select items that we make our self and cheeses that we import form The Netherlands.

A lot of the time we will have organic meats available which is usually sold by the half or quarter and if you are interested you really should join my mailing list.

This year I'm hoping to raise about 3000 chickens on grass and milo, there is a lot of demand for them.

I also have had good luck with celery powder instead of sodium nitrate, we have a hog farmer that supplies us with 10 hogs a month that are all natural and have no steroids or anibiotics, so if you want I can supply pork with out syntethic sodium nitrates, msg's and soy.

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